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Alexandre describes himself as a “challenge guy” who is not afraid of “projects requiring creativity”. He has a good dose of resourcefulness and great interpersonal skills. He is appreciated as much by his managers as by his colleagues and clients. On the other hand, he expresses sincere affection for the Company and says that “the atmosphere is not comparable to what is found elsewhere.” He particularly appreciates the autonomy he is given, the transparency of management and the social activities that take place at work. He says he is happy in his work where “employees are more than employees” and where “colleagues become friends’’. He appreciates the surprising trips he has been able to make as part of his function, the highly-skilled teams in which he works and the stimulating projects in which he participates. Alexandre began his career at Groupe Paco in 2001 as an engineer in the research and development department. He worked with Company founders Pierre Laforest and Pierre Gagnon. He got to know the Company when it was still focused on concrete block handling systems. Alexandre left Paco in 2005 but only to return in 2008. His return had begun with an invitation from the President, Philippe Laforest, to come “to take a look”. He stayed there! He stays with Paco for the challenges, for the “premium” atmosphere and for the people.