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My first experience with Paco goes all the way back to 1976 … 46 years ago!

I stepped into the Paco offices for the very first time for a summer internship in 1976. Then, in 1986, I was hired full-time to work in the R&D department. These days, my role entails developing new products, solving problems, and optimizing existing products.

It’s tough to describe my day-to-day work life and routine, because in general, each day is different from the next! My time is split between designing, testing in our workshop, problem-solving, and writing reports. I consider myself lucky to have a job that is both interesting and gratifying to me. I consider myself to be someone who is curious, inventive, and reserved – just like anywhere else, some days are more difficult, but that never impacts my desire to show up and work hard.

Before 1986, I had never worked a permanent job; Paco is really the place where I developed my professional career. A colleague – who also happens to be the founder of this company – was the one who inspired me to come work for Paco Group. He introduced me to all the development and interest behind the products manufactured by Paco Group, which has always been a very innovative company.

Scheduling flexibility and work-life balance are two of Paco’s greatest strengths, even if I don’t need much of those things myself (my partner is already retired, and my children are grown). However, I’ve noticed that many of my colleagues have created schedules that suit their lives, and the company has no problem with that.

What I like about this company is the work environment and the staff. It’s rare to have so many empathetic people under one roof. Working hard to be our best selves, but never at the expense of our coworkers (who are very supportive) is a beautiful thing.

There aren’t many things I wish Paco would improve. If I absolutely had to mention one thing, I’d say the bureaucracy – but you find that everywhere in our society!