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At a time when we need to be both creative and resilient, it is essential that we take some time to stop and think about ourselves. Indeed, over the last few months, our daily life has been turned upside down, and the message we have to learn, is that we need to adapt.  We are happy to share with you some elements to better manage your daily life and your stress.

1. Take the time to breathe properly and identify the symptoms related to stress.
When you’re on the subway, working, sleeping mode, you don’t always realize that you’re under stress. Especially during an anxiety-provoking period of uncertainty such as the one we are currently experiencing, we need to take a few minutes a day to focus on our breathing, relax our trapezoids, and even relax our facial muscles. A stress-related contraction of the diaphragm can shorten the breath and cause a feeling of suffocation.

Reconnect with your breath and take deep abdominal breathings throughout the day

2. Manage your schedule
When teleworking is required, the home becomes multifunctional and things become routine! Indeed, there is no longer a separation between work and personal life. Our usual structure does not exist any more and very often our work-life balance is affected.

Establish schedules for each area of your life to better manage the stress that this reality can cause. Whenever possible, provide clear guidelines to the children, using a chart or other means, so that they recognize the time allotted to them during the day. 

3. Find some time to “relax and feel good” every day
Your days are really busy to meet the various demands that come from all over the place. It can quickly become irritating to juggle “22” tasks at the same time, in addition to managing a crisis, answering the phone, cooking balanced meals, and so on.

Give yourself 15 minutes a day. Do something that you enjoy, away from others. Take the time to make yourself feel good!

4. Decrease exposure to news
Right now, the news is disrupting the “inside of our brainbox” without us even noticing it. If you have noticed a new sensitivity, a loss of orientation, irritability or any other changed emotions or behaviors, reduce your exposure to news, media and other information networks to help you regain your inner peace.

If you consider that emotions have become too overwhelming, do not hesitate to consult in order to verbalize or treat the inner disturbance(s) you are feeling. Regain your balance.

5. Keep smiling and cultivate your social life.
Did you know that smiling has a direct impact on your body? That’s right! If you smile, it sends a signal to your body that you’re fine. It’s a cause and effect result that helps reduce stress and maintain your body homeostasis.

Your friends and family help you keep smiling? Maintain regular contact with them to feel good! If you can’t, at least do it virtually!

To conclude, take care of yourself by, among other things, eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Invest in your well being and be indulgent with yourself!