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Happy hour

Even though we can’t gather in person, Paco Group is still celebrating happy hour! During these events, which usually take place Thursday evening, our team meets up for a virtual drink to discuss anything and everything, including what everyone’s been up to lately. The opportunity to unwind and let go after work is enjoyed by all. Sometimes, a team member will even be cooking while chatting. These “family-style” get-togethers are a chance to chat about topics that are totally unrelated to work.

Our happy hours are accessible to everyone, no matter where they are located, since everything takes place online. People can pop in whenever is best for them and enjoy a vibrant conversation.

Team dinner

Paco is always organizing events for its employees. Each year, the company hosts a potluck dinner, where everyone brings a dish to be shared in the main cafeteria. It’s all about discovering different recipes from different cultures, or simply sharing our favorite homemade dishes with colleagues. Since it wasn’t possible to celebrate this tradition in 2020, we challenged ourselves to reinvent our team dinner for 2021: instead, we created virtual “tables,” where we enjoyed recipes that our coworkers shared with the team. Some people even prepared their dinners together, in real time, from the comfort of their own kitchens. It was a lovely opportunity to try new ingredients and explore new dishes.

Paco Challenges

But wait, there’s more! We’re always cooking up new and exciting activities at Paco! As a way to motivate our team to take good care of themselves, we created company-wide challenges, the first of which wrapped up on April 11. The challenge was to take regular walks outside, to the tune of 10km per week over the course of 4 weeks. We asked employees to send us a selfie taken during their walk – and since a few people chose to clock some kilometers on different mountain trails, we saw so many beautiful landscapes from around Quebec. At the end of each challenge, we will be awarding a gift card to one lucky winner! Thank you to everyone who participated, and for committing to your health and well-being!