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I joined Paco Group as a junior mechanical engineer working for the R&D design team in August 2021. I spend most of my time problem solving, creating 3D part and assembly models, and creating 2D drawings for production. As I’ve gained more experience, I have also gotten more involved in meetings with suppliers. Paco caught my eye because I was looking for a workplace that valued excellence and professionalism. I also wanted to work alongside an experienced team of engineers. Prior to this role, I was a mechanical designer for a company located in Boucherville. I spent some time working on the production line, where I assembled at least a dozen T-Rex vehicles before moving into design and R&D. One day, I saw a role posted by Paco on a job search website, so I took a chance and here I am! I am so happy with the atmosphere at Paco – it is by far the most accommodating and flexible employer I have worked for. Both my team and all of the other colleagues I’ve collaborated with are friendly, professional, and thorough. I have already learned so much. My team has been so patient with me as I’ve learned the details and specifics about Paco’s products and processes. As someone who is curious by nature, I love to learn and dig deeper into how things work. I am also creative and enjoy thinking outside the box. I truly can’t complain – the work environment at Paco Group is excellent! The only thing left to add is a golf or tennis club. Then, it would be perfect 😛