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The news

Paco Group usually has a very busy Fall. You would think that 2021 might be a little slower than usual, but no! There are lots of activities happening, tons of projects, and moreover, a return to in-office work.

There’s been no time for boredom around the office lately, and the same will be true for the Fall. Projects big and small are underway across multiple business verticals, and they’ll be ongoing throughout the season.

In September 2021, Paco will be enjoying a very eagerly awaited moment: the annual BBQ is back on! This long-standing tradition — which typically takes place in June — has been moved up, allowing us to create a BBQ activity that will unfold (almost) exactly like it always has.

As far as social activities go, Paco is also planning to host a Halloween event. Whether it will be in-person, virtual, or a mix of both, lots of candy and laughs are guaranteed.

We’ll wrap up with one of the most anticipated annual events at Paco Group: the Christmas party! What’s on deck for this year? What should you expect? Each year, this social event is a huge surprise. Paco always organizes an exciting Christmas soirée for its team, and a great occasion to spend time with colleagues. You can expect creativity, laughs, good food, drinks, and a thank-you gift for every employee.

Finally, challenge #4, which started in July, will conclude during the BBQ this Fall. This contest collected the very best photos of the summer which not over yet.