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When you join Paco Group, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of kindness, collegiality, and friendliness!

Upon stepping in, you will be welcomed with nothing but positive energy as you quickly become part of the team.

As a member of Paco Group, we really feel like we are running our own company, which drives us to give all we’ve got. We all have a soft spot for this homegrown, Quebec-based SMB which truly cares for its employees, is genuinely interested in their wellbeing, and always strives to improve upon everyone’s strengths.

Of course, you won’t be sitting still! You will be getting involved in exciting projects. You’ll be proud of your work, all while supporting your colleagues’ accomplishments. This positive atmosphere will allow you to benefit from a newfound drive. You’ll be working with passion because you genuinely enjoy what you do.

Some days will feel familiar, others will bring new challenges, but your effort and dedication will always be recognized by your employer.

In addition to the sense of belonging you will find with Paco Group, you’ll be working for an employer who cares about its employees, while surrounded by dynamic colleagues and an approachable team. You will also quickly create meaningful bonds with the people around you. Paco Group benefits from a diverse team of employees who aren’t afraid to show their true colors.

That’s the Paco difference!