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Paco Group has put together a list of “commandments” that represent the company and its team. One of our favourites is: Collegiality is our way of life! What does this commandment mean? According to Wiktionary (Wikipedia’s dictionary), collegiality means working with colleagues in an effective and cooperative manner, where power and authority are shared among peers. It’s closely related to camaraderie, within an environment that’s trusting, accepting, and respectful in a way that facilitates cooperation. At Paco Group, this philosophy permeates every aspect of the company, and each employee collaborates with different teams and division. Paco Group empowers employees to leverage their skills and share their expertise with others, which helps everyone overcome professional challenges they encounter on the job. Each conversation is rooted in respect and trust, which directly impacts our work environment for the better. Join the Paco team and you’ll quickly see for yourself – collegiality is our way of life.