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In the modern era, Fall represents the end of summer, and therefore the end of vacation. The reality of going back to our regular routine starts sinking in, your alarm starts going off at 6AM again, you head back to the office, you begin preparing for the first day of school, etc. This season comes with many sudden changes, creating a wave of panic and stress for many. However, if we choose to look at things from another angle, Fall represents a transition full of hope and a return to ourselves.

In Celtic tradition, Fall has an entirely different meaning compared to how we see it today. It’s a transitional phase for the earth, which is in the process of receiving its final rays of intense sunshine and producing its very last harvest. In this context, Fall is viewed as an opportunity to let go.

We can therefore also approach this season as the perfect moment to introspect and be grounded. It’s a chance to “come home” to ourselves and release our deepest fears, while evaluating the true nature of our desires and needs.

Take advantage of this opportunity to release all of the stress and negativity that’s inside of you: Fall is the perfect time to do anchoring exercises, which focus on connecting directly with the earth. You can slowly but surely integrate these practices into your daily life, whether it’s walking, running, dancing, or even Tai Chi. Daily meditation is also an excellent way to hone your ability to let go and reorient your focus back to the self.

This year, let’s look at Fall a little differently. Take your time — focus on your wellbeing and what really matters to you. Go back to basics, come home to yourself, and transform your stress into abundance.