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Paco Group has always taken its team’s wellness to heart – that’s why an employee-led initiative was launched in 2018 to offer weekly yoga classes right here at the Paco office.

It took a bit of adjusting at the beginning, since we didn’t have all of the equipment we needed to conduct a full session. As the weeks went by, though, we made the necessary changes and were able to host wonderful yoga sessions in a calm and peaceful environment.

Since March 2020, our classes have been taking place online, as we were no longer able to get together in-person. The team’s ongoing enthusiasm has been so encouraging, even if we have to rely on virtual yoga for the time being! Our employees are deeply committed to their health and well-being – they actively participate week after week. We even have some new participants who hadn’t attended any of our in-person sessions!

Each class is designed for all levels, so we can respect everyone’s personal limits. It’s important that each participant feels totally at ease and comfortable. Comments or questions about yoga are welcome, and we always strive to introduce new elements to our practice (as well as modified poses for those who prefer a lower-impact workout).

All yoga sessions are followed by a short meditation. To participate, you will need a yoga mat, yoga block (or folded blanket/towel), and occasionally a resistance band. Don’t forget to bring your smile, too!

Our yoga sessions are suitable for all levels and totally free of charge.

Here’s what some of our participants have to say:

Céline: These sessions do so much good, both physically and mentally, especially since they fall right in the middle of the week. I’m much more relaxed. It is a huge plus that the company lets us enjoy yoga at the office. It allows us to disconnect a little, recenter ourselves, and look inward. Working at a computer can lead to an achy back and shoulders – yoga allows us to stretch out and become more flexible.

Linda: I’m very satisfied. Stephanie clearly explains and demonstrates the different postures, while offering alternatives for less flexible people 😉 I appreciate both the in-person and virtual classes – I personally feel that we are privileged to have access to this type of activity at work.

Annie: For me, this yoga class has become an essential part of my week. It gives me a moment to relax, recharge my batteries, and get in shape. It allows me to take time for myself and to make peace with my mind, which is often overloaded. I use these yoga sessions to find myself. They bring me a lot of peace and serenity. They also help me relieve muscular tension that occurs due to daily or accumulated stress.

Syldan: I first joined yoga out of curiosity, and I started feeling the benefits after the very first-class. Internal calm, the feeling of being rested and much less stressed. I think it’s really nice that Gala has given us permission to use the premises and supports activities like this. It makes it feel like we are part of a big family that has fun together, and makes the workplace more vibrant and warmer 😊

Lucie: Over the last 20 years of my career, my employer has rarely taken the time to ask me how I’m doing, to check in on my well-being, or to encourage me to take care of myself. Paco is going above and beyond for its team by offering and/or encouraging activities that are primarily meant to improve their well-being. These yoga sessions offer a moment of respite, an opportunity to breathe and rediscover the energy you need to pursue your professional endeavors. Paco encourages us to preserve our personal balance.

Fabienne: Yoga classes at Paco make me feel both calm and energetic. It is also a time to share with my colleagues – we lose our professional labels and simply become human beings who are taking care of our well-being. We are very lucky to have this type of activity at work. Paco gives us a much-needed break in our day/week.

Alexandre: Yoga helps me release muscle tension and makes me feel great. The afternoon is much less stressful. I think we’re more Zen with everyone after our yoga sessions! I’m very happy that the company encourages this type of activity. It’s all part of the positive energy at Paco, and one of the many reasons why I choose to stay.