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Every year, Paco Group tries something new and exciting to create a memorable holiday celebration for our employees. For our 2020 edition, it was simply not an option to abandon a tradition that has been around for so many years. In 2020, Paco Group reinvented its approach, creating a virtual holiday “party” that the team will never forget!

We ordered holiday meals for every employee and their family, which we delivered the day before while respecting all of the health measures in place. Each box contained the food they ordered, a bottle of wine, a gift, and a personalized greeting card. We asked everyone to keep their meals in the fridge so we could enjoy our holiday dinner all together, and to wait for further instructions on how the evening would unfold!

We created virtual tables to mirror the in-person experience, which were named after restaurants to differentiate them from one another. From the start of the event, we set up activities that allowed people to roam between virtual tables. The evening included speeches from management and the founder, as well as a presentation of a parody Paco newsletter – like our own version of “Bye Bye” – which was prepared by a few employees in advance. It was nonstop entertainment all evening – the last table said their goodbyes at 3AM!

Even if our holiday party looked a little different than usual, this virtual event was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Mission accomplished? Check ✓