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In order to create the types of friendly bonds we’ve been talking about, Paco Group honoured this commandment by hosting a team-building activity in 2021! Team-building is a workplace concept that helps colleagues get to know each other outside of their professional lives, and in turn, collaborate even more effectively. Activities like these have a number of benefits to offer, including: • Creating or reinforcing bonds within the company • Encouraging employees to use their diverse skills • Increasing performance within teams and departments • Overcoming potential conflicts • Deepening relationships with fellow staff • Encouraging creativity • Facilitating communication • Etc… The benefits of activities like these have a direct impact on each employee’s workplace experience. In our case, team building has done a tremendous amount of good among Paco employees: it has allowed them to regroup and reconnect with each other in ways that had been neglected for several months. Given the resounding success of this activity, it will now be an integral part of upholding the values we put forward at Paco Group.