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Summer is finally here! After many, many months of winter, it’s finally time to get reacquainted with the joy of fresh air and sharing special moments with our families. Today, we’ll be discovering 10 activities around Quebec that will have you enjoying the sunshine and stretching your legs with your loved ones all summer long.

1 – A beautiful two-wheeled ride

Quebec is lucky to have a diverse and constantly expanding network of bike paths. Make the most of this wonderful opportunity to dust off your family’s bicycles and rediscover our province’s natural beauty.

2 – Aerial parks, ziplining, and outdoor exploration

Over the last few years, outdoor obstacle parks have become hugely popular across Quebec. Flex your motor skills and physical might while having fun with the whole family.

3 – A day by the water

Whether poolside or beachfront, doing some physical activity in the water is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the sunshine. Share these moments of play with your kids – they’re as fun as they are refreshing!

4 – Tend to your garden

Gardening is an excellent way to spend time outside while staying active and engaged. Your kids can help out with lots of responsibilities, opening their eyes to the beauty of plants and nature – this fun activity will give them a sense of accomplishment once your garden’s first fruits or vegetables start to grow.

5 – Take a family jog

Make the most of a sunny day by going for a run with the whole family: a sporty activity that will allow you to exercise while introducing your kids to the world of jogging. Most major running events also offer a challenge geared towards families, so what are you waiting for! 

6 – Connect with nature while camping

Nothing beats camping in the wild, an outdoor experience to share with loved ones of all ages. Take the opportunity to get the whole family outside of their comfort zones and enjoy activities surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

7 – Don’t underestimate a rainy day

There are lots of options for family outings in the rain. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit a museum (many have activities specifically for kids) or see a local art exhibit. You can also opt for an indoor theme park, which your kids are sure to love.

8 – Go fruit picking

What defines the beginning of summer to you? For some people, it’s all about fruits galore. Organize a few fruit picking activities with your kids and enjoy a lovely afternoon.

9 – Sports lessons with your kids

Many sports complexes across Quebec offer private courses that parents and children can do together. It’s a great way to stay in shape while enjoying quality time with your kids.

10 – Join an organized activity

Keep your eye on activities being organized in different neighborhoods. Whether it’s shows, exhibitions, or another type of gathering, bring the whole family and have fun!

There’s not a moment to spare – try these 10 activities and create unforgettable moments with your entire family!

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