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Gala Systems, a subsidiary of the Paco Group, is proud to have participated in the ambitious renovation project of the Le Diamant theater, a jewel in the heart of Old Quebec. With the help of its skilled workers and state-of-the-art expertise, Gala Systems has fully fulfilled its mandate to review the configuration of the theater. Improvement and flexibility of the space were the objectives, and this is our specialty.

Always on the lookout for innovative practices, Gala Systems has equipped the Le Diamant theater with a multifunctional venue with a capacity of 1000 people. The magic of this space? Its versatility.

Thanks to the use of the Spiralift® lifting system, Gala Systems has worked on several installations: a lifting platform, 3 manual wagons and a mobile floor system.

Such work would not have been possible without the expertise of our team, whose skills in taking on large-scale challenges have no longer to be proven. This is the result of a talented team whose versatility and creativity made this project a success.