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Ten years ago, Quebec was gripped by the Maple Spring – you probably remember it yourself, and some of our staff may have even participated! This spring, some have stood out more than others since they are now part of the current political landscape. This social movement, which began February 13 2012, changed the meaning of springtime in Quebec forever. What does spring 2022 have in store for us? What does “spring” mean? In the 14th century, this time of year was called “springing time,” referring to all of the flowers and plants springing up from the ground. In the 15th century, the term was shortened to “spring-time,” taking on its shortest and final form in the 16th century: “spring.” This season is about renewal, change, creativity, and facing new challenges. Like new buds growing on trees, people are emerging from their winter caves and stepping back outside, ready for the warm weather to wash over them. This season is also about love: nature is reborn, bearing flowers and lovely smells, popping up on every tree and shrub. Paco Group is wishing you a wonderful transition into spring filled with new adventures, love, happiness, movement, and positive change. The soundtrack to our springtime? “Les Yeux d’Émilie” by Joe Dassin!