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Today, we’re introducing you to Heidi, a wonderful mother who works as an administrative officer and coordinator at Paco. She will be telling us all about how her journey at Paco has helped her feel fulfilled in her personal and professional life. “I don’t have a lot of history behind me yet, since I’ve only been with Paco for 6 years. However, I’ have already had the opportunity to work on many different tasks. I started at Paco when I was 20 years old, so it was very important for me to gain diverse experience and find a company that met my expectations. I started as a receptionist, then I was offered another position with even more administrative responsibilities that interested me. When I returned from my first maternity leave, I was no longer working reception – just administration. I lent a hand to the human resources team as well as the production department. Then, after my second maternity leave, I was placed in the coordination department to take over for a colleague who was retiring. I don’t think I would have been able to gain so much experience in such a short period of time at any other company.”

The same rings true for Heidi today: “I’m someone who never wants to stagnate in their life or career. I need to have projects, to feel challenged, and to always be developing new skills. I always want to continue learning. I think that knowledge is the greatest treasure we can have in this life.” The fact that Heidi’s role was able to evolve and adapt to her personality and skills allowed her to appreciate her work even more. She never feels boxed in, since there is always a diverse set of tasks on her plate. “I’m also someone who loves to oversee and manage, which is something I get to enjoy at work.”

Heidi enjoys her work life for so many reasons, including a culture of respect among employees: “Unlike other companies, there’s no drama here. Sure, people get along better with some coworkers more than others, but that’s normal within any community. There are no cliques, everyone is happy to chat and spend time with everyone else. There is a feeling of openness that creates a very interesting dynamic. I really feel like I’m an integral part of the group. Even while working remotely, there’s an overarching closeness and ease of communication. People are authentic, and I am too. It’s easy to communicate openly. Superficial things don’t matter, which makes socializing really enjoyable.” Heidi also told us that she feels aligned with the company’s values: “Paco’s values are really grounded. We’re seen as more than just a number – we’re real people. Personal and professional happiness is a balance that isn’t always easy to find.”

As a proud mother of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old who are brimming with energy, Heidi has always felt supported by her employer. “I really appreciate Paco’s family values. The company offers lots of flexibility for young parents and people who have other responsibilities. I really felt like my two maternity leaves were well-received by the whole team. I got lovely gifts from my colleagues – they even collected money for me to have a nice dinner. I really felt the love when I left.”

“I’m a very busy person. I have lots going on outside of work, and I’ve never felt that Paco has inhibited me from seeking fulfillment in other corners of my life. All of the personal and professional accomplishment I feel right now is all thanks to Paco.”