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Meet Minh, a member of the Paco team since 1987.

As a refugee from Vietnam, he lived in Hong Kong for 3 years before moving to Quebec with his family. When he arrived, he completed his high school diploma and decided to study mechanics at the Montreal East Trade School. Minh began his journey at Paco Group with an internship as a machinist. He quickly learned to program CNC machines, which helped him develop key skills in his field.

After working as a machinist from 1987 to 1988, Minh was then trained as an inspector thanks to his excellent understanding of different components. This new challenge involved various tasks such as working with subcontractors and communicating with different stakeholders, which he was not able to do as a machinist. His role as a component and purchase inspector allowed him to acquire additional experience and evolve within a specialization he enjoyed immensely. The inspector role came with its fair share of challenges, but Minh succeeded with flying colours. He continued in this position until 2011.

According to Minh, “If we don’t know how to do something, we can learn.” This quote is a great reflection of his work for Paco Group, and when Christian (Director of Quality Assurance) joined the team, Minh once again changed roles to oversee Paco’s test benches. Thanks to his resourceful and perseverant nature, he tackled this challenge with enthusiasm. Today, in 2021, he is still in charge of the test benches in the production/inspection department. 

With 34 years of experience under his belt, Minh knows the company like the back of his hand. In his opinion, Paco is constantly improving year after year. Management, security, and the HR department have evolved over time, and are more focused than ever on employee wellness. Paco Group also has a solid management system and structure in place, and its ambiance, communication, and quality control have become more streamlined and employee-friendly. Mihn also acknowledged the company’s improved working conditions, including the flexibility to balance his professional and personal life. 

Minh: An inspiring employee who has always excelled at adapting to change and new challenges!