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I have been working at Paco since 1999 – so, for more than 20 years! I am currently an accounting project coordinator, although I originally joined the company as an intern!  

I studied administration at CEGEP Édouard-Montpetit. While working at a golf store in Brossard, I heard about Paco through my father-in-law, who was a longtime employee of the company. He immediately recommended that I apply when I was looking for an internship. The financial controller accepted my candidacy, and my internship ran from April 1999 until late May. Afterwards, the controller said it would be great to have someone who could fill in for employees who were on vacation. Since I was already familiar with all of the roles, it was the perfect situation for me, and I was offered a contract during summer vacation. I loved the experience, and in early October 1999, Paco Group decided to bring me on as a permanent team member to help with accounts receivable. Unfortunately, another employee in the department went on sick leave for serveral months – it was a chance for Paco to evaluate my expertise, and for me, it was a chance to prove myself.

Since I first arrived, the department has remained very stable. The team has always included the same number of employees: two in accounts receivable, one in accounts payable, one in cost analysis, and of course the financial controller. The fact that I was able to touch on different roles within the accounting department has been very beneficial for my career. Working in different positions allowed me to see how my work impacted my colleagues, which has been a real plus. As for the pace of my work, I have busier periods in terms of tasks, with a “peak” from October to the end of February. That said, the department has enough employees to get the job done.

                There are so many reasons why I enjoy working at Paco! I know what I have to accomplish, I have my routine, and my employer trusts me implicitly. I have the autonomy to manage my own schedule and the flexibility that comes with it. Especially since I became a mother, Paco has been so understanding and accommodating when it comes to scheduling. I’m also lucky to live very close to work – the office is just a few kilometres away from home, which is a huge advantage for me. Finally, when it comes to the team, there is more than enough friendliness and collaboration to go around. People are genuine and I never feel like I’m competing against anyone else. There is always a great deal of mutual support, and I think that’s a very important factor behind our success. There is always a strong sense of respect, both among employees and superiors, and everyone can count on each other.