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Get to know Yannick. Nearly 13 years ago, Yannick began his career at Paco Group as a design engineer. As a Lanaudière native, Yannick was looking for new opportunities that suited his engineering background. His very first project with us focused on multifunctional halls. He enjoys our company’s professional challenges and the fact that we are located on the South Shore, since a long commute is not an option for him. Yannick was initially drawn to Paco Group by the team’s dynamic nature and our unique large-scale projects. No two days are ever the same for our engineers, and there’s no such thing as routine. It’s a fast-paced environment where engineers are constantly involved in a variety of tasks, each one more fascinating than the next. For example, we touch on everything from motorization to installing structures – it’s exciting! The fact that he was able to explore different disciplines allowed Yannick to develop his professional skills throughout his 6-year tenure at GALA Systems. He then moved from the GALA Systems team to the AKVO Spiralift team when the latter division was created. As a design engineer, Yannick’s responsibilities remained similar after he switched between subsidiaries – the main difference had to do with the elements. While GALA Systems operates in the air, AKVO operates underwater. This was a huge change for Yannick, and he had lots of fun rising to the challenge. Yannick is particularly grateful for how much he has learned as an employee at Paco Group, and although he has a wealth of experience under his belt, he continues to learn every day. AKVO Spiralift products serve a very specialized market centered around installing mobile floors for swimming pools. This niche has allowed AKVO to capture significant market share in both the residential and public sectors, including Olympic pools and commercial buildings like hotels and condos. These are incredibly difficult markets to break into, and AKVO has successfully carved out a spot for its solutions. Production quality and the uniqueness of the product played a significant role in AKVO’s success. According to Yannick, if you want to be a great engineer at Paco Group, you’ll need strong analytical skills and lots of team spirit. Working at Paco Group comes with many benefits, from unique projects and a positive work environment to working alongside talented colleagues and forging transparent, healthy relationships with management. Flexible scheduling is also a big plus, alongside our management team’s open-minded attitude (which is commendable, according to Yannick). Now more than ever, as a new father, Yannick is realizing just how important it is to have a proper work-life balance. The pandemic served to highlight the entire team’s resourceful nature, as well as the management team’s compassionate side. Everyone joined forces to find solutions that would keep the business running while protecting every employee’s job. Take it from Yannick – you should definitely apply for one of our open positions!