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How many people are tired of living with seasonal allergies? Symptoms can include itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, irritated nose and throat, congestion, and even severe fatigue for some people.

There are short-term solutions for keeping your symptoms at bay, but there are also things you can do to treat the problem more long-term.

A few helpful everyday tips:
• Wear sunglasses when you go outside
• Avoid hanging your laundry outside to dry
• Close your windows and use air  conditioning, both at home and in the car
• Avoid going out during very windy days
• Regularly clear out your sinuses
• Take frequent showers
• Use anti-allergy medications

You may be asking yourself why allergies always seem to crop up at the same time of year. One explanation from ayurvedic medicine is that during the winter, Kapha accumulates in the body (specifically in your tissue), which represents an excess of mucus and toxins (ama) in your system. Once spring arrives and the temperature rises, this mucus liquefies inside your body and needs to find its way out. To help rebalance your doshas, exercise (especially cardiovascular) and a detox will do the most good.

A few ayurvedic tips:
• Try a Nasya treatment
• Use tarragon essential oil
• Eat light and warm foods
• Limit or eliminate certain foods in order to reduce Kapha from accumulating
• Dairy or fermented products
• Tomato and pineapple
• Processed foods that contain sugars/sweetners
• Foods that are very cold or fried, and red meat
• Use spices like cumin and coriander in your cooking
• Use triphala and trikatu (consult a practitioner for more information)

There is also a naturopathic approach that can help you treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Allergies are generally caused by an overworked liver, which is why it is often recommended to do a liver detox in the spring, since this organ tends to accumulate toxins during the winter. In naturopathy, plants and dietary changes are the most frequently used treatments.

A few naturopathic tips:
• Drink nettle tea regularly
• Avoid dairy products and foods that strain the digestive system
• Eat more green vegetables
• Use plants
• Reduce stress

There are some very interesting solutions out there that can help reduce or even eliminate various seasonal allergies.

For more information on the variety of tools available to help you deal with allergies, we recommend consulting a practitioner.


** Please note that this article is not a substitute for medical advice.

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