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Paco Group has had to face many adjustments following the outbreak of pandemic in March 2020.

Within this context, we’ve seen the true strengths of this group, as we’ve had to ability to “turn on a dime” in order to quickly deliver the right instructions to our employees.

Even before the impacts of working from home were being widely discussed, managers at Paco Group were already concerned about the possible effects on the psychological health of their employees.

Here are some practices that were rolled-out to facilitate working from home: 1. Flexible working hours and holidays. 2. Workloads have been reviewed and reorganized as needed. 3. Employees are regularly informed of important changes and notable events. 4. Human resources are available and responsive to any situation. 5. With their current project management toolbox, managers can actively monitor project progress. Many meetings have been created to ensure the seamless flow of projects and open communication. 6. Virtual activities have been set up such as video chat happy hours, virtual rooms for coffee breaks as well as virtual dinners organized among colleagues. 7. An Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7 for any emergency. Although this program has been available for years, the program has been promoted frequently in recent months on our internal collaborative platform. 8. A group has been created on our collaborative platform allowing people to exchange different recipes and tips while working from home. 9. Formerly done at the office, the Yoga class has been adapted and weekly virtual sessions are now being offered online. 10. Allowing employee initiatives to facilitate the new work from home environment.

These are just some examples of what has been done in recent months, but other practices are being evaluated to continuously help maintain an outstanding employee experience.